We live in very exciting times. Inbetween taxis and Uber, hotels and AirBnB, owning a car and carsharing. Inbetween property, sharing, all inclusive holiday and sustainability.
In between tradition and disruption. Inbetween real and virtual.

We see ourselfs as experienced discoverers. We work in a digital world but love to escape into the real thing and discover or build connections between those two dimensions.

We love to build our own projects, but also cannot get enough of other inspiring ventures where we can be a part of: sometimes with work, know-how or just money.

Do not get us wrong: we do not give or have Venture Capital. All our participations are passionate. Without passion there is no success.

Have a look at our companies, news and things that are in the making:



Blueberry Film

Blueberry Film GmbH pursues the idea of telling meaningful and emotional stories through film and thereby innovatively complementing the film industry. With headquarters in Munich and a large network within the film and marketing industry, Blueberry implements new creative projects.


Mindplay Marketing

Mindplay Marketing combines the advantages of different marketing solutions from the optimization of your website through search engine optimization to Google Marketing and offers a complete marketing on commission basis of your brand and products on the Internet.

Da Capo Bad Nauheim

Ristorante Da Capo

The traditional Italian restaurant from the Capo family became part of the Capo Companies. Here it is all about the joy of meeting people, cuisine, tradition and innovation.

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The main idea about our Fika store is to slow down our every day life. We built a place in the heart of busy Munich where you can enjoy a coffee, read your favourite book, work on your paper or shop our unique furniture.

Verde Bad Nauheim

Ristorante Verde

The Italian restaurant Verde wants to convey to its guests a conscious approach to the environment: regional, sustainable and personal.

Insolito Design

Insolito Design

Insolito Design is our italian brand for interior design. We operate a webshop and our own shop at the beach close to the tialian capital. Looking for inspiration?


Internet Duell

This game is based on the TV show Family Feud. However we asked Google what Germany is searching all day long and turned it into a game full of surprises.


Social Intranet

One of our mid-size customers asked for a tool to improve internal communication with tailored to their needs. After developing a very sophisticated catalogue of requirements and an extremely friendy user interface we implemented the solutions with the Adobe Experience Manager. A huge success that resulted in a white label software solution.

In the making...

Vacation Park Cilento

Land already exists. Public bus, caravan and camper also. Now a bit of imagination and skillful handicraft and the colorful vacation park in southern Italy is ready!

Prodotti del Capo

Delicious olive oil from sun-ripened fruits from the Mediterranean.

Co-Working Roma

Coworking including gastronomy and an event area.

Mindplay Marketing Vancouver

We are also working on Mindplay Marketing Vancouver to be available in all important time zones. And because we love the city of course.

Mindplay Marketing Sydney

We are working on Mindplay Marketing Sydney in order to offer a 24/7 availability. And of course the beach. And the sun.


Hotels are excellent hosts in the real world. We want to give hoteliers the opportunity to practice this skill in the virtual world.


Wirt´s House

The platform for guerrilla restaurants was not developed further.

Sleep Green Hotels

The shares of Sleep Green Hotels were successfully sold in autumn 2020.

Coworking Office Munich

The coworking office was sold and remote work was given priority.

Living Lab

The Living Lab creates digital business models that do not exist yet.

Hunger & Durst

A delivery service for the small town gastronomy.


SoBo offers flexible, uncomplicated and always available living.

Guest in a City

A guide with tips on cozy hotels, delicious food, good coffee and quirky bars for travelers.

Apartment Hotels Europe

An easy-to-use, reliable booking platform that offers a wide range of apartments throughout Europe.


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